DairyMet has Moved...

We are pleased the announce we have just released the latest version of (what was) DairyMet.

As a part of the update we have decided to re-brand the system FarmMetrics as we look to continue to grow the site.

From today, you can access the new website at http://sainsburys.farmmetrics.net. Your username and password will remain the same, and we have migrated over all your old data too. You will also find we have added some new features including automated imports from your on farm Milk Recording Data (ie. CDL files).

Contact Us

If you are having any issues accessing the new website, please get in touch with us on any of the below details and our team will be happy to help you out.

  • Tel: 01768 868 472
  • Email:

You’ll need to visit the new site before you can login...

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